That’s right. You get to choose which books the library buys to put on the shelf. We devised a way to list all the recommended, lost, and new titles on a monthly wish list.

You select the books you want to read. The items selected by the most people are then ordered! This method insures that even with a tight book budget that the patrons’ wishes come first.

Can’t get into the library? Email the library for the current wish lists. Email your choices to the library by the 25th, and we will add your input to our master list.

Can’t wait for others to select the book that you are dying to read? You can donate the amount needed to purchase the book (our sources are usually cheaper than even Amazon). The book will be placed on hold for you as soon as it is received and processed. You’ll get to read the book and gift the community with something new also!

Please note that this does not pertain to items for the virtual library.

1. Use it.

2. Update your library account.

3. Attend library events.

To find out what’s coming up, check out the calendar and view Facebook events.

4. Follow the library on Facebook.

Like and share our posts often.

5. Join Friends of the Library.

6. Vote on the Wish List items.

7. Tell others.

Let your legislators and city council know that your community library is a valuable and necessary part of your community.

8. Donate through Paypal.

9. Donate books.

Access to Resources

It gives people access to resources such as computers, which they can use to apply for a job, find information, or use for entertainment purposes.

Supports Learning

It supports learning and culture, health awareness, equality and privacy. That means if someone is looking for specific information, we have the resources to help them find it and do so in a way that treats them with equal respect and privacy.

Gathering Place

Many people use the library to meet and connect with other people in the community. Supporting your local library helps keep it a safe and clean environment for people who come to socialize.

Dynamic Collection

Government funding isn’t always available, and is rarely sufficient. If you donate to your local library, you’re helping them get materials they might not be able to get otherwise.

Aids Economic Growth

It spurs economic investment. It might sound strange to think of libraries as an investment, but studies indicate they’re crucial economic engines.

And that’s just a few off the top of our heads!