Library Staff

Patti Lehman has been the director of the library since August 2004. She holds an MS in Education from Oklahoma State University. She and her husband are both OSU alumni but now must claim a house divided since her son chose OU Medical. She enjoys the many hats she wears as a rural library director. She brings her educational background, problem-solving experience, and a drive to organize. She has read most of the classics during her studies but now enjoys reading paranormal romances and science fiction. She is a big fan of series and never reads them out of order.

Judy Derby is a retiree who’s worked at our library before and decided she wanted to do some traveling. She ended up in Florida, Montana, Washington State, and finally, Ireland for two weeks before coming home to Antlers and rejoining the library staff. Besides traveling, Judy enjoys writing on (Read about her trip to Ireland there!) Judy is a bonafide bookworm whose motto is: you’re never too old to learn. She grew up at Moyers, graduated in 1976 from Antlers High School, and has a degree in Psychology from SOSU. She loves figuring out what makes people tick. Her favorite question is, “why?”.