You get to choose!

That’s right. You get to choose which books the library buys to put on the shelf. We devised a way to list all the recommended, lost, and new titles on a monthly wish list.

You select the books you want to read. The items selected by the most people are then ordered! This method insures that even with a tight book budget that the patrons’ wishes come first.

Can’t get into the library? Email the library for the current wish lists. Email your choices to the library by the 25th, and we will add your input to our master list.

Can’t wait for others to select the book that you are dying to read? You can donate the amount needed to purchase the book (our sources are usually cheaper than even Amazon). The book will be placed on hold for you as soon as it is received and processed. You’ll get to read the book and gift the community with something new also!

Please note that this does not pertain to items for the virtual library.