Book Recycling

Books for Sale

Image of the top of book shelf

We keep one shelf of books for sale. Hardback books are $1.00 and paperback books are $0.25. Most of these books have been donated, but are not needed on the library shelf.

We do not have many book sales, although we have been known to drag a few to festivals or other events.

Trade One for One

Books for Trade

We keep two spinner racks of books for trade. One spinner is filled with romance and the other with non-romance. Trade is one for one. All the books on the trade racks are mass market sized books, but we do not limit your trade-ins to that size. We check all trade-ins against library needs, so your even you mass market sized trade-in may not be placed on the trade rack.

Better World Book logoDiscarded Books

A good library is constantly weeding out books that are out-of-date or not checked out and replacing them with current and requested books.  This keeps the library shelves looking fresh and inviting. We recycle the used books in a variety of ways. Community reading shelves are kept stocked, while other discards are placed on our For Sale shelf or go to Better World Books.